Last year, Late Night with Seth Meyers offered up a new segment: Put Meyers on a couch with comedy hurricane Leslie Jones, put on the latest episode of Game of Thrones and just turn Jones loose. “Game of Jones” was an instant hit, harnessing the viral power of the internet’s favorite show and Jones’ infectious energy at the same time.

So of course it was never just going to be a one-off.

After “The Spoils of War,” one of the most eventful episodes in Thrones history, Meyers again brought Jones to the couch to have snacks, watch what transpired and do some commentary. And again, it was an absolute delight.

One of the things that makes “Game of Jones” so much fun is how in tune with the show Jones is. This isn’t “We Took Someone Who’s Never Seen Star Wars to See The Force Awakens.” She’s an enthusiastic fan with an eye for detail, and she proves it when she points out to Meyers that Casterly Rock has been added to the show’s opening credits map.

“When it comes to Game of Thrones, this is where you are the most like a young, nerdy, white 12-year-old,” Meyers said.

Then we got Jones’ unique insights into each character, including Jaime Lannister (“Mr. Goldfinger”), Bronn (“Bronn is the gangsta”), Littlefinger (“I still would do it with Littlefinger, but I would just have to watch him the whole time.”) and the aloof Three-Eyed-Raven Bran Stark. Bran’s inspired plenty of memes this week thanks to his cold demeanor but Jones may have just offered up the best one: “Bran Face.”

“That’s the look that every man gives me when I’m standing there in front of them going ‘Why? Why you couldn’t text me back?’”

Then talk turned to Varys, who Jones described as “like the girlfriend that you don’t know you if she really your homegirl or not.” That’s when Conleth Hill popped in, in full costume as the Spider himself and Jones lost. her. mind.

The whole clip is well worth a watch. It’ll make you wish “Game of Jones” was a weekly occurence. Also someone needs to re-edit “The Spoils of War” to replace all the dragon noise with Jones’ personal sound effects.