The overwhelming popularity of HBO’s Game of Thrones means that the internet will eventually find a way to mash the series up with more or less everything to varying degrees of success. Arguably the most successful of these so far is “Arrested Westeros,” which merges scenes from the show with lines from Arrested Development, but there’s also “Princess of Thrones,” “The Hunger Game of Thrones,” and now, a mash-up with the 1975 comedy classic Monty Python and the Holy Grail from BuzzFeed writers Robin Edds and Jamie Jones. Like “Arrested Westeros,” they took lines from Python and merged them with scenes from the show, and it’s surprisingly perfect. Check out some of my favorites below, then head to BuzzFeed for the rest. They’re all delightful, but I do wish there’d been more of Sir Galahad’s encounters with the “peril” in Castle Anthrax.