Destiny players will no longer be treated to—or subjected to, more like—a robotic version of Tyrion Lannister telling them about wizards from the moon, warminds on Mercury and receiving messages from The Speaker.

As Game Informer reports, Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage’s role as Ghost, a little robot that hangs out with players and delivers the vast majority of the game’s dialogue and exposition, has been recast with veteran (and beloved) video game voice actor Nolan North. And apparently, since Bungie had North already for the expansion, the studio took the chance to re-record all of Dinklage’s old dialogue in the original portion of the game too—for a “consistent storytelling experience.”

While they’re at it, Bungie might as well rewrite some of that Dinklebot dialogue. Dinklage’s performance was widely regarded as pretty flat, even with digital effects added to make him sound more robotic. But it’s not only his fault: most or all of Destiny’s dialogue is really, really goofy.

One such goofy line became famous from an early build of the game some players had access to. In it, after you defeat an enemy called a Hive Wizard, Ghost exclaimed, “That wizard came from the Moon!” The line was so widely mocked that Bungie cut it from the game. The developer had a sense of humor about it, though, issuing a limited-edition “That wizard came from the Moon!” t-shirt, the proceeds from which went to charity.

Goodbye, little Dinklebot. Your weird nonsense will be missed.