With only two episodes remaining in Game of Thrones’ penultimate season and only a handful of episodes left after that, our chance to predict how this whole mess plays out is quickly dwindling. Game of Thrones theorizing has emerged as one of the internet’s favorite pastimes and we’ll be sad to see it go. But before we lay down our swords for the year, let’s make the most of the few weeks we have left, shall we?

The first theory that caught our eye this week comes courtesy of Reddit user captaindur, and centers on everyone’s favorite surly sell-sword, Bronn. While some fans expected him to bite the dust during episode four’s Loot Train Battle, Bronn lived to fight another day. In fact, he’s become so proficient at escaping death, that he must have a greater purpose that just helping the Lannisters get out of jams, right? Here’s captaindur:

“I think it’s likely Bronn will switch sides and join Dany through Tyrion. He basically states this directly when he tells Jamie something along the lines of “our relationship ends with dragons.” However, Bronn is still a sell-sword and will likely call upon Tyrion’s original promise to him in order to join his side - if anyone offers Bronn more money to betray him, Tyrion will double the fee. Bronn is owed a castle by the Jamie and Cersei so Tyrion would have to give Bronn two castles to honor the agreement. What’s the only double castle in Westeros? The Twins! It’s also vacant and a damned good prize. My prediction - House Blackwater rules The Twins by series end.”

While it would definitely be fun to see Bronn reunite with Tyrion, is there any conceivable way that Dany lets him switch sides after he plunged an arrow into her dragon? Fat chance.

One of the more outlandish theories we’ve come across is the brainchild of PopSugar’s Brinton Parker. You know how everyone’s been complaining that the time it takes to travel from one end of Westeros to the other doesn’t align with the world’s actual geography? Well, Parker suggested that it’s because we’re watching everything unfold from Bran’s perspective. As the three-eyed raven, he has no temporal restrictions—an omnipresent being who can be everywhere at once.

“If the entire series is revealed as an extended sequence of Bran’s flashbacks, it would explain why the timeline has suddenly experienced such a drastic change in pacing,” Parker writes.

Yeah, no. While the far-fetched theory is certainly interesting to consider, we’re going to go ahead and chalk it up to the fact that no one wants to watch a show about the intricacies of sailing.

But our favorite theory of the week has to be from Reddit user FoundWaldo meh, whose totally insane predictions would satisfy three long-running fan theories in one. Here’s the gist: When Jon and Dany arrive in Westeros with a wight, Cersei sentences them to death by Wildfire. But because they’re both Targaryens, the wildfire proves futile. While Cersei is freaking out, those who witnessed the miracle switch sides. Clegane tries to intervene but the Hound is there to stop him. Boom, Cleganebowl. As Cersei grows increasingly insane, Jamie steps in and does everyone a favor by ending her miserable existence. Just like that, Maggy the Frog’s prophecy is fulfilled. This would also mark the moment Dany finally realizes that she and Jon are kin, which would be one hell of a way to close this sucker out. One can dream.