The first teaser for the penultimate season of Game of Thrones sets up an epic showdown between three of Westeros’s major players. While we don’t get any actual footage from season seven, there are plenty of brooding shots of Jon Snow, Daenerys and Cersei, who finds herself on the Iron Throne after she executed an explosive coup at the end of season six.

But the young Targaryens have some pretty sweet thrones themselves (her at the ancestral Dragonstone, and him at Castle Black) and will most likely form a powerful alliance—there will be dragons—to take out Queen Cersei, once and for all. As the trailer’s chilling conclusion suggests, however, the real enemy is coming from the North, and they’re coming for it all.

The countdown to the July 16th premiere of Game of Thrones officially starts now. Watch the thrilling teaser here.