Though the weather grows ever-warmer, winter is coming in July. That’s when we’ll dive once again into Game of Thrones, a fantasy series of which you may have heard. It’s been quite some time since we saw Daenerys, Cercei, Jon Snow, Bran, Tyrion, Jaime and all the rest.

Basically, this season is going to be a culmination of all the long-laid plot threads.

“The great war is here,” Jon Snow says.

And indeed it is. That war includes dragons, the Iron Islanders’ navy, lots and lots of horse charges and we’re guessing some White Walkers.

Probably the most fascinating plot heading into this season is Cersei’s seeming descent into madness. She’s gotten everything she wanted: Namely, the Iron Throne and her brother Jaime by her side. But along the way she’s lost all her children, the love of her people and possibly her mind. What will she do now that she has ultimate power but nobody to share it with? Probably nothing good, especially as Daenerys and Jon Snow attack the capital from the north and south.

Watch the trailer below