The good folks over at Reddit asked people that had been on game shows to drop some knowledge, and while these answers don’t count because they are not in the form of a question, we thought some of the them were worth sharing.

1. Getting duped

Cash Cab. They stopped me on the street and asked if I wanted to be on a show about the city. Some friends and I would go to a location and talk about current events. They set up a phone interview to test subject knowledge (really to gauge question knowledge). I was told to arrive at a location to film with a friend. When I got there they said a band was playing on a patio nearby affecting their sound levels. They hailed us a cab and said it would take us to the new location. Boom!!! Lights and cameras as soon as we got in.

2. Difficulty spike

I tried out for Jeopardy once. They said they deliberately make the qualifying questions much harder than what you see on the show because: 1. They want to find people who are actually smart and not just lucky, and 2. People get kinda stupid when you put a TV camera on them.

3. It’s not about winners and losers

I auditioned to be on the show Wipeout. I found out they specifically look for people with something extremely unique about them and/or people who are willing to make a fool of themselves on TV. They are not interested in athletic people who might actually have a chance of completing the course.

4. More like “Who Wants to Go Through a Bunch of Boring Rules and Regulations”

I won 8 grand on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Backstage, they gave a lot of tips and one serious warning. Ask The Audience EARLY. The logic is you’re on the show and they’re not, so it’s likely you know more than the people in the audience. The harder the question, the less likely they are to be helpful. They also said do NOT joke around with the “final answer” phrase. There’s a guy in the control booth who is listening just for those words. If he thinks you said it, he hits a button, and you are locked in, even if you were just kidding. We were not allowed to wear any clothes with a visible logo. Our outfits actually had to be screened by their legal department. The other thing they warned us about was singing. They said they needed to know if you sang to yourself when thinking, or if you might burst into song upon getting a correct answer. If you sing more than a specific amount of a song (notes, lyrics, or something), they had to pay royalties, so that was a no-no.

5. The real action’s not on the screen

I was on an Indonesian game show called Hari Anda. They really had no rules. Everyone fills in a card when signing in, the host draws a card out of a bowl, if you’re called up, you go up and play. The game was simple: There’s boxes with prizes inside for every day of the year. You either pick your birthday and they open the box for that day, or you spin a wheel. It sounds lame until you realize the whole show’s purpose was to create an underground gambling scene in a Muslim country. There are people betting on which dates would come up, and whether or not someone would pick the wheel or the boxes.

6. What can they do if it’s already recorded?

Jeopardy contestants are not permitted to tell anyone the results of their show until it airs. I had my whole school convinced I had lost. I hadn’t. If the studio folks don’t like the way you sign your name with the light pen, you will be asked to rewrite it.

7. Is that their final answer?

I will never forget this. “Regis is dumb. Regis does not have the answers until we show them after you’ve locked in your answer. If you are working through an answer and you think he’s making faces to ‘guide’ you, remember, there’s as much chance that he’s going to help as there is that he’s making that face because he’s relieving himself. Regis. Is. Dumb.”

8. Seems illegal

No one actually wins money until the TV show airs. If your episode never airs, you won’t get anything.

9. That family really lived up to the name

On Family Feud, they had out a paper telling you to cheer after every answer, no matter what, always say “Good answer!!” after every guess, even if it is shit, and you can not stand still. Fun fact, the family that we played against, the husband went home and brutally murdered his wife that night.

10. Guess the temple’s not so hidden anymore

Tried out for Legends of the Hidden Temple. They put me on the blue barracudas. They tell you not talk directly to Olmec because the questions are pre-set and he will only answer with set responses. It was actually cool to see the dude who runs Olmec come out and wave to the crowd. He was just some skinny white dude who does voices. They basically see if you can run, jump and if you are too much of a little bitch around temple guards.