Life is full of valuable lessons. For example, if you poke a beehive you probably figure out pretty clearly that you shouldn’t be poking beehives (Rachel Roy learnt this lesson this past week) because you’re going to get stung. Another lesson is: if you wear shorts on Twitch, the streaming site will ban you because they can’t distinguish between your legs and your “naughty area.” Lea May, who goes by the username LegendaryLea, had to learn this one the hard way.

The 26-year-old gamer was playing some Dark Souls on Twitch in front of thousands of people when she got up for a moment. Due to an ankle injury, she was forced to get up awkwardly, and it looked like her shorts didn’t do their job properly, because you could see a lot more than expected.

Her channel was swiftly closed for violating the site’s terms of service. She’s appealing the decision because she was wearing pants the whole time.

Her account will remain frozen for 30 days. Even though she didn’t actually flash her audience. Good thing the American justice system doesn’t work like Twitch moderation does!

If you’re curious, we also did a photoshoot with Lea a few months ago, which you should definitely check out. Or you can just watch the video here: