{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6225”} The first time only happens once. So when we heard what SEGA is about to unleash onto the gaming world—a legitimate narrative sequel to James Cameron’s 1986 hit sci-fi film, Aliens—we couldn’t hold back; we sent Playmate and Playboy.com Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton to the SEGA headquarters in San Francisco for an interview with Senior Producer Matt Powers about the hotly anticipated new game, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

Aliens: Colonial Marines picks up where Aliens left off—the Sulaco in ruins, its inhabitants in pieces—and carries that narrative thread throughout as a new search and rescue team is sent to investigate the bloodshed. There’s no shortage of sequels in this day and age, but we’ve never heard of a video game acting as a proper sequel to a film. And since learning that A:CM has been officially recognized as part of the Alien franchise canon by 20th Century Fox, we have no doubt that SEGA has something extra special in store for us.

We won’t ruin any more details here; there’s a whole Gamer Next Door video about it for you to check out.

Don’t forget to get your preorder in to GameStop now to get your hands on the special Collector’s Edition. Something tells us it may be worth something someday.

Aliens: Colonial Marines hits shelves Tuesday, February 12th and will be available on Xbox® 360, PS3™, PC. And coming soon to Wii U™.Playboy

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