If you follow our Gamer Next Door on Twitter you’ll already know this, but did we ever have a wild year at CES 2014! There were a lot of great things to see, and we somehow did it all in just two days. While we ran around the convention we discovered some great gadgets, impressive accessories and, of course, some huge advancements in the field of technology.


On our first day we had the chance to talk with Virtuix Omni CEO Jan Goetgeluk about how their virtual reality interface will change the way we game forever… And Pam even got to try their new tech out, too!

Next, we snuck our way behind closed doors to try our hand at one of the Steam Machines. We were really impressed! Obviously, the controller will look a little different since Valve is ditching the Steam Controller touch screen.

We also got to chat with Square Enix Technical Art Director Jean-Normand Bucci about their upcoming revamp of the highly popular series Thief. Get to know why they’re starting from scratch and what cool programs you can incorporate while you play the game.

There’s a lot more we covered on our first day, but we don’t want to give it all away! Check out the video to see what our Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton got up to and be sure to check back tomorrow for more coverage of CES 2014.

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