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Gamer Next Door: Christmas Gifts for the Gamer 2013

Gamer Next Door: Christmas Gifts for the Gamer 2013 :

From the best games of the season to the year’s best new gaming console, our Gamer Next Door Pamela Horton is here with her list of the best gifts of 2013 for the gamers in your life. Whether they’ve got a hankering for the latest in tech and accessories or the hottest new titles, the ever-knowledgeable Miss October 2012 knows that when it comes to serious gamers, the right gift isn’t child’s play. Watch the Gamer Next Door Christmas Gift Guide 2013 now and click the links in the list below for more information.

Happy Holidays, gamers!{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“9060”}

  1. Batman: Arkham Origins $60

  2. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag $60

  3. BEYOND: Two Souls $60

  4. Infinite Crisis Nightmare Batman & Atomic Wonder Woman Statues $125 each

  5. Moga Pro Power Controller $80

  6. PlayStation 4 $400

  7. Polk Audio 4 Shot Xbox One Gaming Headset Pre-Order

  8. Razer Edge Pro Gaming Tablet $1000

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