There’s a lot of trouble to get into at Comic-Con, and when you’re Playboy’s Gamer Next Door, there’s even more you can get away with. Only at Comic-Con can you practice your maniacal laughter with one of the biggest villains of the comic world, get your cleavage checked out by a middle-aged man wearing Google Glass and find budding love with an SNL cast member all in one day.

For part two of our Comic-Con coverage, Pamela Horton morphed from kick-ass Kitana to her sexy bunny duds and there were a lot of people, both fictional and nonfictional, who had a hard time keeping it together when her mic and rather prominent assets were thrust in front of their faces.

You’d think part-time superhero Tony Stark would have his check-out abilities on lock by now!

Pamela was also on the red carpet to catch the stars behind the animated Hulu series The Awesomes, created by Saturday Night Live’s Seth Meyers and Mike Shoemaker, where she chatted with fellow SNL stars Bobby Lee and Taran Killam.

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