’s at E3! We hit the floor with Gamer Next Door Jo Garcia to find out what the biggest names in gaming have lined up for the new season and we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised:

  • One of best new franchises to take the gaming world, Dead Space, is back with their third release and word on the street is that it’s better than ever. With a more open environment than before, gamers are treated to longer gameplay, bigger scares and richer graphics. See for yourself.

  • Taking the MMORPG to new heights with its release, EVE online is back and is bringing the first-person shooter genre along for the ride. DUST 514 is the highly anticipated FPS extension of the EVE Online universe and promises to connect fans of both genres with completely interactive cross-over gameplay.

  • Finally, Nintendo has big plans for the Fall with the release of the Wii U, an interactive game pad that immerses the user even further into the action and even has a social networking component to keep in touch with your fellow gamers.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2 of Jo’s E3 adventure.