It’s been a wild two days so far at this year’s Comic-Con with Playmate Pamela Horton. How can you beat riding in with Mad Mike from Galpin Auto Sports (formerly of Pimp My Ride) while discussing a Pokémon Playmate car, swapping nail tips with Wolverine or dancing (and bouncing) the night away at the Kick-Ass 2 party after checking out the premiere of the red band trailer?

Oh. That’s right. You can have a one-on-one with Stan Lee.

And leave it to our Gamer Next Door to do just that. While Pam tried to find out what Lee had in store for his one-year Youtube anniversary (Stan Lee’s World of Heroes), Lee was much more interested in Pam’s authenticity as a potential comic book character. Who wouldn’t be.

Lee’s parting words sum up what’s on everyone’s minds after meeting Pam: “Tell Hef—thank him for sending you over. I could have struck out and had him do the interview. It’s very generous to have him do it this way.”

Stan, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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