{“pbembedwidget”:“video”,“id”:“6870”}Gamer Next Door has waited patiently for the much talked about Dust 514. And over four years later, the free-to-play FPS MMO that takes place in the massive EVE online universe is finally being deployed on PlayStation 3 today.At this year’s CCP Fanfest 2013, our very own Playmate Pamela Horton had a chance to speak to the Executive Producer Brandon Larino about some of the exciting stories behind the revolutionary game. The community is completely interconnected, so every Dust player and every EVE player are playing off the same game server. Think you can buy your way in? Not for this game, shaped by market trends, everyone in Dust 514 is on equal playing field—money or not, you won’t be able to get anything extra without putting the time and grind into the game. But the one piece of information Pamela couldn’t get? What does the 514 in Dust 514 mean? But even Pamela’s powers of persuasion couldn’t get it out of him. But why listen to us, check out Pamela’s look into the world of CCP. Have questions? Hit Pamela up on Twitter @GamerNextDoor