While we wait on bated breath for the release of the next gen consoles, the guys at 2K invited Pamela Horton down to San Francisco to give the latest installment of their 2K sports franchise, NBA 2K14, a whirl. You’ve already heard about its incredibly lifelike graphics, the “LeBron: Path to Greatness” mode, and the beautiful gameplay, but Pamela also got to speak with some of the key developers from the 2K team to get the dirt on what makes this the best NBA game on the market.

Pam had a great time picking up tricks and playing against some of the coolest gamers and she had a blast at the event. While she wasn’t really big into sports gaming beforehand, she was amazed at how easy it was to pick up NBA 2K14 and can now understand why people are so addicted to playing this franchise. Pam was also really impressed with the stellar graphics that really captured the looks of the players all the way down to their tattoos!

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