If you’ve bought any sort of nerdy knick-knack or geeky gag gift in recent years, chances are you did it through ThinkGeek. With the site’s acquisition by GameStop, it sounds like you’ll be able to walking an actual store to buy sonic screwdriver replicas and Star Wars ties starting soon.

The massive video game retailer shares a lot of customers with ThinkGeek, and the merger makes sense. ThinkGeek products could potentially start appearing in GameStop retail stores, and GameStop could offer special deals to its PowerUp Rewards members, according to a press release that went out today.

It seems like a mutually beneficial deal, but it didn’t come cheap for GameStop. The game retailer had to pay $20 per share plus $37 million in cash, and outbid Hot Topic—sellers of new t-shirts featuring old bands—and pay a 3% break-up fee for screwing up Hot Topic’s existing deal with ThinkGeek parent company Geeknet Inc.

So GameStop’s retail empire expands yet again, and we all get a new place to buy the lovable crap that ThinkGeek is so damn good at hawking. Oh, and ThinkGeek will probably start pestering us to pre-order the newest Game of Thrones pens or Portal desk lamps every time we check out to ensure its customers leave with that authentic GameStop feeling that you’ve somehow been tricked into signing up for a timeshare.

Well played, capitalism. Well played.