It’s incredible what a New Orleans artist has done to a 1918 mid-Century Sinclair gas station in order to create the coolest auto-themed bachelor pad. The spiral staircase that leads to Robert Guthrie’s bedroom was once supported by thick steel columns that lifted up vintage cars for mechanics to check out. Guthrie managed to preserve vintage remnants like this in the once crowded filling station, and even kept details like the oil stains on the original concrete floor that’s still intact.

The 2,000 square-foot home has original wooden trusses, car emblems used as handles for cabinets and drawers, scones made from old car headlights, and of course, a nicely sized rooftop deck with a jacuzzi. Guthrie used to rent out the converted gas station on Airbnb for $420 a night, but it’s unfortunately been taken off the site for now. But what guy would want to share their dream bachelor residence with someone else anyway?

To read an extensive interview about the construction process for Guthrie’s home, check it out here.

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