The best kind of present is a personal one, and the best kind of personal present is one that you made yourself out of love and knowledge about the recipient. And the best kind of home-made present is a hidden-liquor-storage-LED-lit-radio, right?

Imgur user Henryhooker went and did his grandparents a serious solid when he took their 1930s GE radio, rehabbed it and turned it into a beautiful, technological masterpiece. The device, which had been sitting in his grandparents’ basement, was a moldy, battered mess until he got his nerdy hands on it.

First, he simply brushed it off and got it out of the moldy environment to dry off for a couple years. During that time, he mocked up design concepts on his computer until he came up with the final idea, an LED-emblazoned, automated masterpiece.



He set to work in the workshop, routing new wood panels and even machining new hardware. He even rebuilt the frame using fresh wood with ¾-inch ply. He then crafted a resistor board for an LED lighting scheme that ties the whole thing together into a blue-lit visual spectacle.

The final product includes not just LED lighting, but also a motorized, hidden bar display that slide up from the radio’s body using DIY arduino electronics and motor control boards. He had a friend write code for him to make the electronics work as charged. He then re-built the radio using modern parts, an iPhone he no longer uses, and a Dayton audio bookshelf speaker that he picked up for sale online.

The whole project took him about four months, and he says he spend about $700 total. Best grandson ever? Yes.