Most of the time, choosing the glass you’ll pour your beer into is an afterthought. But these geometric glasses change the game for beer snobs everywhere.

Each glass in this set of four—a pint, a 12 ounce glass, one for IPAs and one for pilsners—is designed specifically to make the beer-drinking experience the best it can be. Enter a little simple geometry: a pyramid-shaped protrusion at the base of the glass. This feature directs the brew’s carbonation to the top of the glass, ensuring your drink has the perfect head.

The base of each glass, along with its overall shape, was created with intended use in mind. The multi-tiered one, pictured on the far left, is built with angles that send the beer on a journey which keeps the beverage aerated while it’s being poured. The tall glass is meant for pilsners: its height keeps it carbonated longer. The pint and 12-ounce glasses have a universal shape for any beer.

The Monti Taste Set is available here for $100.