George Clooney has been outspoken about his political views for decades, and he’s used his wealth and influence to raise money for democratic candidates in the United State and address a number of human rights crises around the world. He’s never been shy about his political beliefs, and his activism has takes up as much time as his filmmaking these days, if not more. So, with such a reputation, would Clooney ever try to leverage his celebrity and activist history into a run for public office? The short answer is, apparently, hell no.

“I’ve been asked that for almost 20 years now and the answer is just no,” Clooney said during a press conference for the new political drama Our Brand Is Crisis, which he produced. “Who would ever want to live like that? I’m friends with a lot of those guys and I just think it’s hell.”

Clooney’s interest in politics and activism isn’t likely to wane anytime soon, particularly as the 2016 election heats up. We shouldn’t be surprised to him popping up at, or even hosting, Democratic Party fundraisers in the coming months, but when it comes to actually stepping up to the ballot himself, he’s staying away.

“I commend people who go into public service because it’s such a horrible way to get elected, it’s such a horrible time while you’re in office,” he said. “It’s more polarized now probably, arguably, since the Civil War in many ways and I think people will argue over things they believed in six or eight years ago because it’s not their guy saying it.”

Our Brand Is Crisis arrives in theaters October 30.