George Costanza, the notoriously neurotic and conniving character from Seinfeld, patron saint of taking shortcuts in life and “Lord of the Idiots,” now has an entire bar—called George’s Bar—dedicated to him in Melbourne, Australia.

Entirely themed with Jason Alexander’s character, George’s Bar has two pieces of Costanza’s wildly misguided wisdom, often inspiring by its sheer lunacy or tragedy, to greet drinkers upon entrance: “It’s not a life if you believe it” and “Everyone must like me. I must be liked.”

According to co-owner Dave Barrett, the bar—with an opening night on New Year’s Eve—came about because the owners just really like Seinfeld.

“We came up with the name George’s and worked backwards, concept-theming it. George Costanza suits a bar in a lot of ways. The humor around George works.

"So at the moment, we’ve got our toasties menu, which has items like The Art Vandalay, The Costanza, and The Mom and Pop.”

But it’s a legit bar, says Barrett.

“Cheesy bars in Melbourne aren’t really a thing. After 20 years in this business I think I’ve figured that out so we’re making it a solid bar in it’s own right as well.”

I hope the staff tells patrons the bar is actually an architectural firm. It’d only be fitting.