This is how you know that your TV show is a big deal: George R.R. Martin bets against his own show to favor it for a Golden Globe win.

Martin took to LiveJournal—still his favorite online outlet, charmingly—in the wake of the Golden Globe nominations this week to reveal that he’s expecting Westworld to beat Game of Thrones in the Best Television Series—Drama category.

“Being an HBO guy,” he wrote, “I’m thrilled that to see that both Game of Thrones and Westworld have been nominated for the big prize… though Westworld is going to be some tough competition. (In fact, I would figure WW for the favorite.)” A slam against Thrones, which spent this season telling a story that he’s not finished writing yet, or a sign of his devotion for Westworld? Probably the latter, but it’s fun to pretend otherwise.

Martin also expressed his admiration for another Best TV Drama nominee: Netflix’s Stranger Things. He wrote, “Three out of five finalists being genre shows… and during this golden age of television… is another sign of just how far we’ve come.” Now we know why The Winds of Winter, Martin’s sixth book in the series that inspired the HBO show, has missed multiple deadlines: he’s been too busy watching TV.

The Golden Globes ceremony will take place January 8, 2017.