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George Romero: ‘The Walking Dead’ is Walking All Over My Movies

George Romero: ‘The Walking Dead’ is Walking All Over My Movies: The Walter Reade Organization

The Walter Reade Organization

Legendary filmmaker George Romero sat down with IndieWire, offering some strong words on why he finds his movies difficult to make these days.

Nicolas Genin

Nicolas Genin

With Night of The Living Dead, released in 1968, many viewed Romero’s use of zombie tropes as an allegory for race relations. The film, which is getting a a 4k restoration, was produced on a micro-budget, and Romero believes that wouldn’t happen today. He comments that “because of ’World War Z” and ’The Walking Dead,’ I can’t pitch a modest little zombie film, which is meant to be sociopolitical. I used to be able to pitch them on the basis of the zombie action, and I could hide the message inside that. Now, you can’t.” In short, he feels the intimacy of the zombie genre has been lost to the blockbuster appeal of the undead in action. He also echoes some of the same sentiments he told about World War Z in 2015.

Nor does he leave out the flesh-eater currently running for president on the Republican ticket, saying that he “can’t believe that so many people are sucked in by that kind of rhetoric. Basically, it’s disappointing. That’s the only word for it.” Perhaps his next project should be a political thriller where Trump manages to become the first zombie president. Unfortunately, Romero hasn’t answered our voicemails regarding this pitch.

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