The best thing—okay the, only good thing—to come out of Donald Trump’s dreadful inauguration ceremony was the gallery of facial expressions of those who were on the dais, many of which went viral. From Melania Trump’s frown, to Michelle Obama’s devastating side-eye, they served as an accurate barometer for how a large part of America was feeling on that surreal day.

The event was probably most awkward for Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, three former Presidents who had the taken the brunt of Trump’s bullying over the years. And now, thanks to three sources who spoke to New York magazine on the condition of anonymity, we can say with some confidence that at least one of those men found the entire inauguration just as baffling as you did.

According to three people that were there, Bush was overheard saying, “That was some weird shit,” as he exited the dais. Now what exactly he was referring to is pure speculation. Was it Trump’s use of the words “blood” and “carnage” in his speech? Was it the fact that Hillary Clinton was forced to sit there as her nemesis accepted a job she was way more qualified for? Or was it Trump’s hair?

The hair. It was definitely the hair.