College football is no stranger to wild, manic finishes, but two of its most epic conclusions have come in consecutive weekends this month. Last week gave us the stunning, bewildering, already-legendary Michigan-Michigan State ending, and now we have the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets conquering the undefeated Florida State University Seminoles in a madcap close.

Just how undefeated, you ask? Very. Not only is this Florida State’s first loss of the season, it ends their 28-game streak in the Atlantic Coast Conference (or to put it another way, it’s FSU’s first ACC loss in 1,113 days).

To be sure, it’d be difficult to dream up a more bonkers way to beat an undefeated team. Seriously. There are six seconds left in the tied game, with Florida State going for a field goal to win. Little do they—or anyone, for that matter—expect Georgia Tech’s 6'5" defensive lineman Patrick Gamble to pop up like the kraken and swat the ball down, leaving defensive back Lance Austin to briefly consider his options before scooping the ball and running with everything he has in him for a touchdown and final score of 22-16.

The above description pales in comparison to Georgia Tech radio’s over-the-moon “Miracle on Techwood Drive” call of the play.