Do you like to have sex with prostitutes? Do you use Yelp? Well then it’s time you pimped out your resume, because we have the perfect job for you… brothel tester.

Yes, this is a real job. A German (of course it’s German) website that’s essentially the Yelp of call girls and cathouses is looking to hire a full-time brothel tester. Here’s how the job listing described it: is a social network for sex workers, clients, brothels and companies in erotic environment. With a young team (about 25 people) and a flat hierarchy, working conditions are very pleasant and marked by the life of a startup. part of an international group of companies with more than 120 employees in Germany, China and Spain, offering realistic development and career opportunities.

Sounds kind of normal, right? Well wait until you hear what your duties would entail:

Test brothels after service, cleanliness and compliance with safe sex practices. You will enjoy sex with various women and then create a score which is then published on Also visit Kaufmich events such as bukkake parties and gang bangs, which will then be evaluated according to their quality.

Wait, what? How do you even rate a bukkake party? What are the refreshments like at a bukkake party? Whatever, if you want to apply for the job, this may be the only time your weakness for the ladies of the night might actually get you hired.