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Exit Clear

This German Propaganda Map of Colonial Empires is the Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

If you’ve never taken a college history class and researched propaganda used by various countries during World War One, then you’re missing out on a collection of really interesting and bizarre posters that will change your perspective on the Great War. Some of them require a little analytical thinking to understand what’s actually being said.

Here’s one of the cooler examples released by the German government in 1916, taken from the Strasbourg Archives. The headline roughly translates to, “What would the Agreement look like, if these countries were serious about the self-determination of its own people and let go of the reins?” The German government is pointing out the hypocrisy of the Allied Powers trying to negotiate a peace treaty that would require various regions under German control to determine their own fate when they all exert control over their own colonies and territories they really have no right to.

Strasbourg Archives

Strasbourg Archives

Anyone notice the French are depicted as chickens? And you thought the Germans had no sense of humor.

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