On Sunday afternoon Germany got clean, as renewables supplied 45.5 gigawatts of the country’s 45.8-gigawatt energy demand. In fact, power prices even went negative for a bit. This is a huge milestone for Chancellor Angela Merkel, who has sought to push her nation away from nuclear and fossil fuels.

Source: Bloomberg

Source: Bloomberg

Clean energy is becoming more viable. Denmark supplied 140 percent of demand by wind farms last year.

But as Bloomberg energy finance analyst Monne Depraetere explained, Europe still has a lot of work to do because the continent is getting better at renewables, saying, “Events like this highlight that eventually we may need to start curtailing because of market-wide oversupply. In the long-run, that may provide a case to build technologies that can manage this oversupply — for example more interconnectors or energy storage.”

These are good energy problems to have.

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