How many times have you popped a coffee pod in your Keurig and thought to yourself, “Man, if only there was one of these that could also make Jell-O shots in 10 minutes”? I bet it was somewhere in the thousands, huh? Well now your weird frat and coffee-inspired fantasies has come true thanks to Jevo!

Jevo is a new, Keurig-like pod machine coming to bars and rich fraternities near you that makes Jell-O shots in just ten minutes. All you do is pop in the pod flavors you want, press a button, and bam, JELL-O SHOTS FOR ALL!

The machine can make up to 20 shots at a time and doesn’t just stop at Jell-O. It can also make a variety of chilled shots and cocktails. Oh, almost forgot, the machine self-cleans, has wifi, and a touchscreen.

Check out their promo video below: