The latest “REQ Drop,” developer 343 Industries’ name for new Halo 5: Guardians content, is live, and with it comes some cool new cars you can use to terrorize other players.

The “Hog Wild” expansion drops free for players today, and it’s mostly geared around new “Warthog” vehicles, those crazy fishtailing humvees players have been driving poorly since the very first Halo game. The expansion includes four new Warthogs, each sporting different properties and cool colors that make them good for showing off for the people you’re mowing down with rockets or machine gun fire.

Also in the expansion is a new armor set and other cool things to unlock. You can get a sense of it all in the trailer above.

This is the sixth free expansion to come to Halo 5, and there’s more on the way—specifically because some of the things it sounded like 343 would include in this content drop aren’t ready yet. So expect to see new maps and more gear later this month. The Warzone Firefight expansion is set to drop at the end of June, and 343 says it’ll be the biggest players have yet seen.

Meanwhile, get out there and run over some other Halo players.

Via GameSpot