Ghostbusters has been screntinized harder than a presidential candidate. Its director, Paul Feig, has been taking his the haters, whiners, and bullies to task time and time again for months—and the movie doesn’t even come out until next week. Now, it turns out the movie itself speaks directly to the ill-tempered community that’s been carrying a strong opinion about the flick since it was even announced.

In the film, according to Yahoo UK], there’s apparently a scene where the ghostbustin’ gang uploads videos of their heroics to YouTube and the comment section of course devolves into the nastiest, most brutally toxic fury around (except for the real-world comment section of YouTube obviously).

“It was added [to the script],” explains Melissa McCarthy who plays paranormal investigator Abby Yates in the film.

“I feel like the part was in [the script] already,” says Kristen Wiig, “But we changed what was said.”

“We did something on the day that slightly tweaked it,” McCarthy added.

I can’t even imagine what’s to come next week. It’s either going to be the loudest “I told you so” in cinematic history or the largest exposure of baseless whining ever.