While I’m (insanely) tired of the Ghostbusters remake bashers, nobody is even close to as sick of it as Paul Feig, the flick’s director and co-writer. That man has to be exhausted, from equal parts film production and online trolling. Since the reboot was announced, it’s as though Feig and crew have had to explain—though “defend” would likely prove more accurate—every single choice of detail, from costume to car.

And that’s even though the costumes are on par with the quality of the original crew (unless you’re really trying to complain about stripes) and the Ecto-1 is still a wonky Cadillac. No, it’s not a 1959 Caddy, as that would actually be too cool in 2016, so it’s a 1989 Cadillac Hearse Wagon to stay true to the vibe. I mean, in the original, Ray had to fix everything from the brakes to the transmission when they came up on it. But still, the crowd laments.

So, with a long two and a half months to go until release, it wasn’t a great turn of recent events when the New York Daily News ran a piece that took comments Feig made a year and a half ago about geeks potentially becoming assholes for a book about geek culture and mistakenly presented them as recent quips in response to the Ghostbusters backlash. Feig naturally had to take to Twitter to seemingly defend another non-issue.

Honestly, the fact that naysayers turned the Ghostbusters remake trailer into the most disliked trailer on YouTube is bonkers. I mean, come on, remember Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill? Feig’s the same dude who created Freaks and Geeks and directed episodes of 30 Rock, Arrested Development, Mad Men, The Office, and Parks and Recreation. He also directed Bridesmaids. We’re fine. Everyone, calm down. Nobody’s hijacking or ruining anyone’s childhood. It’s just a bunch of adults acting like kids.