A little over two years ago, we got kind of excited about the possibility of a giant robot showdown. It had all the requisite features that one would need from a bout of robo-carnage, a utilitarian and worn in western robot, versus a colorful and complex Japanese contender. Now, Megabots Inc has taken to their YouTube channel to show that the giant robot showdown is definitely still happening.

The video claims that the fight will take place in August of this year, at an undisclosed location where sparks will fly. After two years, the Pacific Rim fans of the world have their best shot at witnessing a real life robo-throwdown. Don’t count on it though. As Motherboard reports, the Japanese contenders, Suidobashi, have not updated their YouTube channel since 2015.

The Megabots KickStarter page has information that is just below the announcement video. The first demo day for the completed robot will be sometime in May in San Francisco. This makes the possibility of a duel a bit more optimistic.

Matt Oehrlein spoke to Motherboard directly, stating that there was not a cause for concern based on Suidobashi’s radio silence. “We can’t really speak on behalf of their press strategy, but we assure you they haven’t closed up shop,” he said.