Every guy likes seeing a girl in a bikini. But the most important thing about a bikini is the implication that she’s about to go swimming. And no one really cares about a girl splashing around in a pool playing Marco Polo. They just want to see how she looks getting out. Here are 11 GIFs of some hot girls who just finished cooling off in some water.

1. Yeah, Lindsay Lohan used to be quite the stunner

2. This is what should’ve actually broken the internet

3. We all know what happens next in this scene…

4. Katherine Webb may be known for dating a football player, but she’ll be remembered for this

5. Excellent form

6. Holy cow, Jessica Biel

7. Kate Upton, the goddess of getting out of pools

8. It’s not all about the frontal view…

9. Anyone who’s seen Wild Things knows Denise Richards is really good at doing things in pools

10. Just a wave? Brooklyn Decker deserves a round of applause

11. We love her enthusiasm