Our ongoing national garbage fire briefly flared up at last night’s American Music Awards, hosted by model Gigi Hadid and SNL cast member Jay Pharaoh. During a rocky opening monologue brimming with blase awards-show humor, Hadid tried to churn up some crowd energy with a Melania Trump impersonation, calling back to Melania’s plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s DNC speech. Sporting a faux-Slovenian accent, Hadid said, “I love my husband, President, Barack Obama, and our children Sasha and Malia.”

Despite Pharoah’s perhaps overeager cries of “spot on!” some viewers took offense. The clapback quickly spread through Twitter:

And America continues to draw the blanket of uncertainty over its eyes as a Trump presidency looms. One prediction I am comfortable making: Any minute now the President-elect will tweet, “Very unfair and racist portrayal of my wife on #AMA’S, silly girl Gigi was very rude! Sad!”