A date, whether good or bad, can often change your opinion of a place. It can remind you of a good or bad experience and leave a subconcious impression on you about that location.

I’m not the only one who judges a location by the date I was on there. Meet Natalie Walker. She’s been taking to Yelp! to review her dates and the results have been nothing short of hilarious. Take a look at some of these and get ready to laugh your 3/5 butt off!

Natalie started by posting this to Twitter and then leading by example:

Then it began:

Then Natalie got some bad news:

However, that didn’t stop her! With the help of a clever disguise (an edited mustache onto her profile picture), Natalie was back at it!

But Yelp! caught wind rather quickly and an incredible exchange ensued:

Natalie then got back at it, this time with an eye patch. Just don’t tell Pam that’s her!

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