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Exit Clear

This Girl Pranked a Bunch of Guys With Her Fake ‘Balls’

I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of YouTube prank videos. Wait, I should rephrase that. I’m not a fan of prank videos that instigate people and are annoying just to get a rise out of someone by irritating them. People go out of their way to make strangers look bad, just for the sake of an entertaining video. I have no issue, however, with some good, old-fashion ballsack humor.

This is a prank video I can get behind. Not literally, of course, out of fear of any unwanted touching. Just watch the video and you’ll get what I mean.

Most of the guys react in fear or laughter. I’d like to think I’d be a little more cool and calm about it. After all, she’s hot as hell and even if those things are real, they can be tucked away. Right? RIGHT??

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