Flagstaff police officers arrested 20-year-old Makena Marie Haydon last week after she broke into a stranger’s home, got on the bed, stripped naked, and then proceeded to go into full Hulk mode when the cops showed up.

There’s no mention of bath salts, flakka, or PCP anywhere in the police report, so we’ll have to assume for the time being that this girl is just badass and not on any insane mind-altering substance… for now.

Here’s how it all went down according to The Arizona Daily Sun:

According to the police report, the victim called police around 4 p.m. Friday after a young woman he did not know ran into his apartment when someone there opened the door. The suspect ran into a bedroom, started jumping on the bed, took off all her clothes, started shouting “am I pretty?” and refused to leave.

When officers arrived, they saw the suspect standing on an exterior second-floor balcony completely naked and yelling incoherently. She put on her underwear, then launched her body into an officer who was climbing the stairs toward her.

The officer was able to catch his balance and place the suspect in handcuffs. She struggled against the officer and yelled that she loved marijuana on her way to the patrol car. Inside, she managed to slip out of her handcuffs and started destroying the interior of the vehicle.

She was also seen earlier in the day smashing car and house windows with a lawn chair. Whatever she was on (if anything), there’s no way it was worth what she was charged with:

Makena Marie Haydon was arrested and charged with indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, criminal damage, trespassing, misdemeanor marijuana possession, resisting arrest and aggravated assault of a law enforcement officer.