Stud-muffin Wu Hsia found himself in what would seem like a terrible sitcom plot when he invited his current girlfriend and his ex-girlfriend to meet up in a nice quiet spot by a river in Ningbo, China.

The 21-year-old Wu invited his 22-year-old girlfriend Rong Tsao and 20-year-old ex-girlfriend Jun Tang to work out differences between the two and not surprisingly, it all went terribly wrong.

Wu described to a local paper how things got out of hand:

“The girls began arguing and then Jun flipped and jumped off the bridge and straight into the water. She was calling for help but then Rong also leapt over saying it was her or my ex. I was completely dumbfounded about what was going on. But then I realized that I had to do something so I also jumped in but to save Rong.”

He ended up saving his current girlfriend and calling his brother, who called the fire department to save his ex-girlfriend Jun.

Both girls are physically okay, but mentally… neither one is okay.