Why do women wear bras? Every woman seems to constantly complain about having to wear them during the day. And we don’t think many guys are clamoring for them to be worn. We can only assume they exist so these 12 GIFs could be made.

1. She’s very thorough

2. Give them a little lift

3. She’s very “hands-on”

4. Rihanna sometimes has to adjust while performing

5. Be careful when massaging yourself…

6. Gotta make sure they look good with a shirt on

7. In bed adjustment

8. Minimal adjustments

9. You can just hear them go, “BOING!”

10. She doesn’t even need hands to adjust them

11. We’re surprised Kate Upton can keep those babies in at any time

12. It’s technically an adjustment if you’re taking your bra off, right?