What kind of May the 4th celebration would it be at Playboy if we didn’t have beautiful women in bunny suits paying an ode to Star Wars? May the 4th is especially dear to Star Wars fans this year because of the Star Wars: Episode VII announcement last month. Needles to say, we’re really freaking excited.

Castle Corsetry took over the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, CA last month. Combining a love for a galaxy far, far away with sexy women in impeccable corset couture, these ladies truly were out of this world. Not to mention, Playboy’s two-time cover girl Adrianne Curry makes a sexy appearance as Darth Vader. Check out Adrianne and the rest of the gorgeous women who make a very, very good case for Star Wars cosplay being the sexiest out there.

Photos courtesy of ModelMosa

Chewbacca Bunny: VAMPTRESS LeeAnna Vamp

Leia Bunny: Ryan Keely

Luke Bunny: Victoria of Scruffy Rebel

Oolah Bunny: Miss Chrissy Lynn

Boba Fett Bunny: Milynn Sarley of Team Unicorn

Vader Bunny: Adrianne Curry

Rystall Bunny: Bernadette Bentley

Wampa Bunny: Elisa Teague

Yoda Bunny: Amanda Franchini

Grand Moff Tarkin Bunny: Jes of Geeklore

Stormtrooper Bunny: Aabria Lipscomb

Lando Bunny: Alicia Marie

Stormtrooper Bunny: Tk-6683

C3PO Bunny: Amanda of Birds of Play

R2D2 Bunny: Lauren of Birds of Play

Han Solo Bunny: Rileah Vanderbilt of Team Unicorn

Admiral Ackbar Bunny: Jennernugen