Guys have a tendency to like BIG assets on a girl. Big boobs are the best. A big butt is rarely a bad thing. Big hair is considered sexy. Heck, some dudes even have a thing for big feet.

Rarely, though, do you hear about how great someone’s big tongue is. That is, until now. Introducing Adrienne Lewis, the 18-year old Michigan girl with the longest tongue on the planet. Her record-setting mouthpiece measures four inches and can reach her own eyeball, her elbow, and even the bottom of her chin.

I can only imagine the possibilities. You know who else could imagine that? The world’s best adult videos site, Brazzers, who offered Lewis the opportunity to put her “talent” to work. Mario Nardstein, Director of Brazzers, urges Adrienne, “I’ll make this simple: you have a talent, and you are owning it. But why not consider bringing it to a whole new field of work?” Only time will tell if Adrienne takes Brazzers up on their offer, but if she does, I imagine it’ll be similar to a Great Dane eating a Jumbo Freezie.