You might have heard of the Movember Foundation, a moustache-loving charity that’s focused on raising awareness for men’s health issues. Now, the charity has a manly mobile game in which it is your duty to dispense moustaches to your fellow bros.

Run Mo Run! is something of a standard smartphone and tablet game, in that it’s a simple thing you can play for a few minutes when you’re bored or killing time. You control the moustache-sporting protagonist Mo as he runs through various levels, wearing various costumes. Grab coins, avoid flying sharks for some reason, and bounce on the heads of other characters to leave them with glorious lip warmers of their own.

While it’s a free, ad-supported game that sports minor in-app purchases, the nifty thing about Run Mo Run! is that any money it earns goes to prostate and testicular cancer research. So every time you watch an ad in the game or make a purchase, you’re helping smash cancer. As far as goofy digital goods to spend your money on, you could do worse. You can find Run Mo Run! in the iTunes App Store and the Google Play Store.