Israeli startup Glassify recently unveiled a techy new beer glass that can give you discounts or freebies whenever you order a new beer. Embedded in the glass is a smartphone-compatible chip that acts as a barcode you can scan at bars that use Glassify’s product. Upon scanning, discounts personalized to your drinking habit can be earned over time.

Along with learning about your beer palate, the system also allows for gifting friends drinks. Using the app, you can send drinks to friends for later or immediate usage. The system works the same way a coupon might, except these coupons are way more fun.

This system also can be directly paid for, streamlining your bar process without having to sign a soggy receipt after one Stella too many. The app is currently available for download on both iOS and Android devices, but you will have to find a bar with the right glasses for it to work. The technology is expected to start popping up around North America early next year. Enjoy your boring old analog beers while you can.