The battle lines between Glenn Beck and Tomi Lahren have been drawn. Beck filed a counterclaim against Lahern Monday. Lahren’s own suit alleges she was fired from Beck’s media company, The Blaze, for comments she made on The View, in which the conservative firebrand revealed that she’s pro-choice.

Beck’s suit claims that Lahren is still an employee of The Blaze and that she’s suspended indefinitely (presumably until her contract expires in September). But that’s not all. Beck’s suit paints Lahren as a difficult and volatile person to work with. The suit insists that her unprofessional behavior is what got her suspended, not her views on abortion.

TheBlaze’s “issues” with Lahren, per the claim, stemmed from on-air language that came close to “profanity,” analysis that wasn’t sufficiently rigorous, conflicts with the crew on her show and conflicts with fellow personalities on the network. It also alleges that as host of her show, Tomi, Lahren was often vocal about her disdain for the company and had difficulty working with her colleagues because of her “divisive” nature.

Lahren’s claim that her social media accounts were frozen by The Blaze are also under dispute.

“She has access to her social media accounts, as well as a Facebook page TheBlaze created and maintains,” the suit says.

While Beck doesn’t deny that Lahren’s comments on The View — where she famously said the government should “stay out of my guns,” and “stay out of my body as well” — weren’t well received by her employers, they were “simply the latest in a series of events,” that led to her suspension.

Beck’s critique of Lahren, which paints her as insubordinate, plays right into the stereotype of what happens when women in the workplace are perceived as powerful by their male emploters or counterparts. Is it possible that Beck was threatened when he saw Lahren’s star starting to eclipse his own? That’ll be for a judge to decide, but based on how women are treated in the male-dominated conservative media — ahem, Fox — we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised.

Lahren appears to be taking the news more or less in stride. She tweeted the following after news of the suit broke: