Goat Simulator is tearing onto PS3 and PS4 in August like a drunk, barely coherent whirlwind of petting zoo carnage. If you’re not already aware of this game, it’s time to adjust your life priorities.

It’s a ridiculous sandbox game with crazy virtual physics that let players control a goat and try to wreak as much havoc as possible. Head-butting random citizens, kicking down signs, vehicles and appliances, causing massive explosions, and racking up huge scores—it’s all in a goat’s day’s work. Players can also snag things with the goat’s mutant-length sticky tongue (including helicopters, allowing you the power of goatly flight), pilot jetpacks, and use trampolines, to name a few things. It’s utter chaotic insanity that has yielded an absolutely ludicrous number of YouTube videos chronicling various players’ exploits.

You can already get Goat Simulator on PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The Playstation 3 edition will include two-player split-screen play, while the PS4 version packs four-player couch co-op, as well as a “GoatVR” mode, which developer Double Eleven describes as “the most authentic ‘simulated GoatVR experience’ that doesn’t require a helmet or anything.”

Keep an eye out for Goat Simulator on Playstation platforms starting August 11.