There is no denying that sneakers have become status symbols, but the latest kicks from Church Boutique take things to a different level. The high-tops are covered in gold leaf and sell for $1,875.

It takes a special person to pull off gold sneakers. Olympic sprinter Michael Johnson comes to mind. And these are in an even more rarified class. Imagine if King Midas took a dump on a pair of basketball sneakers. This is what they would look like. On the positive side, if you’re one of those people in Times Square who paints your body in gold and poses with tourists for photos, these are the shoes for you assuming those tourists are paying you in hundreds.

Church Boutique

Church Boutique

The worst part is that the sneakers aren’t even real gold. They use imitation gold-leaf. So if you were hard up for money, you couldn’t take these to some Cash 4 Gold shop in a strip mall. (Well, you could, but you’d be laughed at. And when the employees of the Cash 4 Gold store are laughing at you, things are not good.)

If gold is a little too much for you (of if you’re just a big fan of second place), the sneakers are also available in silver.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada