For gamers of a certain age, hearing that the original Legend Of Zelda game is celebrating its 30th anniversary will incite the standard “Wow, I’m old” reaction and may even cause them to reevaluate what they’ve done with their lives in the intervening years.

But if you can put the existential crisis aside for a second, there’s reason to celebrate that will make retro gamers really happy. To mark the anniversary, gaming console manufactureres Analogue are releasing a blinged-out version of their NT system, whose aluminum case is plated entirely in 24K gold for the low, low price of $4,999.

The Analogue NT is essentially the original Nintendo NES in an upgraded form. It has the same CPU and controller ports as the original, but it is packaged in a sleek case and upgraded video and audio capabilities. The NT can upscale retro Nintendo games up to 1080p and outputs audiophile-level sound.

Only 10 of the gold-plated Analogue NTs will be created and each will come with a gold colored Legend of Zelda cartridge.

via Analogue

via Analogue

h/t Gear Patrol

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