The 2018 Golden Globes ceremony is actually worth watching this year, despite it being the same old crap—movies about white women falling for mediocre white dudes/monsters/old men because only women date down (The Shape of Water is Beauty and the Beast, minus the Disney toe-tappers). Or about white men being the real heroes of a World War they themselves started and had POC from their colonies fight in (Dunkirk is … every Hollywood movie about WW2). Or about racist white cops being lovable assholes you wanna hug (Three Billboards is Crash). Even the movies they got right, like Get Out, they screwed up by snubbing the director and categorizing it wrong. Because racism is hilarious, I guess?

Despite the fact Hollywood still likes to finance, promote and nominate movies made by white men, for white men, about white men (or their distorted perception of everyone else), the tides are finally turning.


Actually, they probably haven’t. We’ll see.

While Hollywood has been littered with problems, thanks to too much power held by garbage-human gatekeepers, the #metoo reckoning has forced change. The 2018 Golden Globes, however, could be our first litmus test. Just how different will things become in Hollywood?

Here are some reasons to have mixed feelings about Sunday’s ceremony.

The Red Carpet

Thanks to the #askhermore hashtag, Ryan Seacrest, et al., have been guilted into asking actresses questions about their work instead of who they’re wearing (i.e., shopping). This year, let’s hope all those black dresses will shine a light on sexual harassment and assault. In fact, maybe it shouldn’t have taken this long for red-carpet coverage to improve, given previous reactions from women like Cate Blanchett or Elisabeth Moss.

Interviewers on the red carpet might be a wee bit more woke this year when it comes to people of color, too. Twitter doesn’t let anything slide these days, so white people better not be making an all-black-movies-are-the-same slip again this year (i.e., “Hidden Fences”).


Wouldn’t this have been a good year for a woman to host? That said, Seth Meyers is far more of an ally than past hosts and probably the second-most feminist man they could have chosen. John Oliver might have been even better, seeing as though he’s the only one willing to make people uncomfortable and put his reputation on the line to call out predators.

Still, we’re looking forward to Seth putting people on blast. And he already has a segment on his talk show with jokes he knows better than for himself to tell, as a white man. Let’s hope he brings that level of self-awareness to the show tonight.

But one of these years, we’d love to see the hosting honors go to Samantha Bee, the only female late-night talk show host. Just something for the HFPA to mull over for 2019.

Miss Golden Globe

Oops. I mean, “Golden Globe Ambassador.” While I’ll give them credit for changing the title, I want to see men do this Vanna White-type job. Only four in the history of the Golden Globes have been men. Shocker. I know someone’s gotta wrangle drunk stars off the stage, but how about letting men be objectified equally.


Only seven women have been nominated for best director in the 75 years of Golden Globes ceremonies. Only one has ever won, and that was, like, 30 years ago (good ol’ Babs). Hollywood still has a real issue with a woman in charge, even when she makes them an insane amount of money.

Acceptance Speeches

Awards shows love cutting people off, but it can tend to be the wrong people. It’s one thing to turn up the stupid “wrap it up” music; it’s quite another to do that and cut the mic of a black actor making a historic speech—especially when the next white lady goes longer and gets no music at all.

So I propose a new rule—let women and POC have twice as much time as white dudes.

Here’s hoping that this year’s Golden Globes aren’t just more inclusive, but also speak to changes for all women in Hollywood, whether they’re making million-dollar salaries or not. Nothing will fully make up for the previous lack of acknowledgment, opportunity or pay that women and POC have been screwed out of for decades now, but these measures are at least one step toward earning our respect.